Hand-crafted Company Retreats


Retreat Design

We consider every aspect of your retreat or offsite with great care; approaching the experience as an author would a novel— creating a story.

This translates into a design approach that places great value on the venue, activities, meeting places, the menu, and the daily balance between movement and seated discussion.

Again, our goal in retreat design is to not only have it functional in its business-related outcomes, but also transcendent in its capacity to generate individual and team well being.


Content Facilitation

We are a community of highly-skilled, specialized teachers, facilitators, leaders, and coaches, employing a wide-range of talent to the specific needs of your group, catered to the goals and outcomes you set forth.

As part of an initial (and ongoing) conversation, we’ll hone in on your wishlist— choosing a story for your retreat and a strategy for facilitating that story, and just like with logistical management— we’ll handle everything!


Logistical Management

Our service is in providing end-to-end organizing and leadership for your offsite, everything from choosing and booking a venue, to organizing catering and transportation, through to high-level facilitation of the conversations you choose to have. We do it all so you don’t have to worry about a thing!


Ongoing Support

Perhaps what we love most about this work is the continued connection and sustained relationship with the organizations and individuals with whom we work.


List of Services

·        End-end retreat design and delivery

·        Venue selection, booking, and contract management

·        Organize all ground transportation

·        Determine and manage budget

·        Contract and manage any 3rd party providers associated with delivery of the retreat

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