Our values are paramount to the experiences we create.  As with anyone, they serve as a guide, informing the content and design of your Immersion. 


We value ecological and cultural diversity

Each place, as each person, carries a story and has an inherent value not defined by the terms of “what it can do for me”.  We aim to respect that uniqueness through all our actions.

We value clear, emotionally intelligent communication

For a team or community to truly gel, its relationships need to be mature and willing to proceed as if the language it employs daily, matters. 

We value humanity

Which is to say, we value the qualities that give people their humanness—empathy, grief and sorrow, joy—these are all characteristics within the spectrum of a human being, and the best organizations operate with human in mind.  

We carry gratitude

Gratitude is not simply a platitude of saying thanks as a salutation in exchange.  Gratitude carries the deep wisdom of heartfelt appreciation for all that exists, even if the existence of the thing we’re grateful for doesn’t offer an obvious benefit to me. 

We know companies can stand for more

You need to make money.  We get it.  And we know that your organization can be so much more than that.

We value love

There, we said it.  Cliché or not, love really is all there is.  A company, as with a community or place, can achieve something far greater than it ever intended if love is at its core.