It was the perfect mix of work, adventure/outdoors, spiritual, connecting with my teammates, good food, great hosts etc. Really well rounded experience. I am glad it was not just sitting in a conference room with each other all day.

It was incredible to get to spend real time with my colleagues that I don’t get to see in person that often. I’m grateful for the deep conversations, the vulnerability, and the down payment on choosing to be on this journey together. I deepened several relationships that have had me thinking and growing myself since the retreat, and I think that probably trumps my short-term desire to have us accomplish a work-related goal together.

I really had a breakthrough. I discovered my gifts further and learned to let go of certain things/attachments which led me to open up further and stand up for myself.

You guys were great!! I’m grateful for the heart you brought to the retreat and the way you made me feel from the moment I hit the ground in Canada until we left on Sunday. Yoga was incredible, and that fire on the mountain top was out of this world. Thanks for paying attention to the details, and for delivering.

Pure Immersions brought a unique element to the retreat. They were extremely professional and friendly throughout the whole process. They took care of everything, logistically and content wise. We couldn’t have asked for better partners to work with to deliver on a world-class experience for our employees. They absolutely exceeded beyond our expectations. They bring a very human-centric approach to experience creation and we can’t wait to work with them again.

It was the best, most high-value, company retreat I’ve ever been on in my life. I got more out of 3 days with this team than I could have expected and the time we spent together reaffirmed for me that I’m in the right place, doing the most impactful work, with the greatest group of people in my whole life.