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What is the essence of authentic, deeply effective leadership? What end does it serve? Our Immersions address questions of leadership, both in the provision of tools to generate more effective means of applied leadership, and in the underlying value system that informs the direction a leadership gets implemented.


A healthy culture is one that is sensitive to the place in which it resides and to the people who are associated. Be it community or company, our goal is a lived culture. We address organizational culture through our own leadership, demonstrating ways by which a set of behaviors might arise to meet the expressed mission and vision of each organization with whom we work.


If we don’t see the world we wish to live in, how will we ever get there? Fundamental to our experiences, is an attentiveness to the vision— be it personal or collective. Vision is paramount to determining an appropriate direction and a set of actions that can bring that vision to life. Our Immersions are a great opportunity to reflect, generate, and iterate upon established or developing organizational outcomes.