Pillars of Retreat Success

Shared Vision

There’s something that happens when people are removed from their everyday rhythm.  For one, there is an obvious opportunity to “get on the balcony”, that is—to take a look at one’s life as if from above--  to reflect upon and consider one’s actions and direction. 

But it’s not just a “break from everyday life” that imbues an experience with the kind of value we’re describing here.  It’s also about bringing people together in places, places of immense beauty, places where adventure can be had or a history felt. 

It’s in these moments where people are most apt to expand their sense of being to include one another, and the world around.  We could call this an expansion of empathy

You might ask, “why is this important for our company—why should this be a priority?” 

Banff group mountain.jpeg

Cultural Identity

It’s these moments where deep intimacy occurs (even amongst coworkers), where bonds are formed or existing relationships, strengthened. 

These are the moments, away from the work, when a culture arises

Sitting around a campfire and talking about life and death, hiking alongside someone with whom you’ve had email exchange but never a real conversation, hearing about the birth of his/her children or the difficulty in choosing a career path.

These are the moments that begin to stitch together a memory field within your community.  These memories get shared over and over—at Christmas parties or happy hour. 

When new people get hired on, they hear these stories too.  They feel the joy in the storyteller as they recollect a precious moment. 

These stories begin to create the identity of your company. 

Of course, the studies show, companies with a strong identity, where the employees experience a breadth of value beyond the paycheck are ultimately more successful. 

This success translates beyond financial terms to include a more far-reaching scope of impact. 


The Wealth of Well Being

People who are connected to one another in a deeply meaningful way, who are demonstrably cared for as individuals, and who are an active participant in a shared vision, will become willing agents for a more beautiful world, which, through the vehicle of your product or service, MUST be the endgame.

A more beautiful world.

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