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“It was the best, most high-value company retreat of my life.”

- ConsenSys Employee

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Hand-Crafted Corporate Retreats

The Benefits of Leaving the Workplace

There’s something that happens when people are removed from their everyday rhythm.  For one, there is an obvious opportunity to “get on the balcony”, that is—to take a look at one’s life as if from above--  to reflect upon and consider one’s actions and direction. 

But it’s not just a “break from everyday life” that imbues an experience with the kind of value we’re describing here.  It’s also about bringing people together in places, places of immense beauty, places where adventure can be had or a history felt. 

It’s in these moments where people are most apt to expand their sense of being to include one another, and the world around.  We could call this an expansion of empathy

You might ask, “why is this important for our company—why should this be a priority?” 

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What’s Our Service?

Our service is in providing end-to-end organizing and leadership for your offsite, everything from choosing and booking a venue, to organizing catering and transportation, through to high-level facilitation of the conversations you choose to have.

What’s our value— what skill set do we bring to this service? Click below to learn more about our approach to experiential event design.

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What is the essence of authentic, deeply effective leadership? What end does it serve? Our Immersions address questions of leadership, both in the provision of tools to generate more effective means of applied leadership, and in the underlying value system that informs the direction a leadership gets implemented.


A healthy culture is one that is sensitive to the place in which it resides and to the people who are associated. Be it community or company, our goal is a lived culture. We address organizational culture through our own leadership, demonstrating ways by which a set of behaviors might arise to meet the expressed mission and vision of each organization with whom we work.


If we don’t see the world we wish to live in, how will we ever get there? Fundamental to our experiences, is an attentiveness to the vision— be it personal or collective. Vision is paramount to determining an appropriate direction and a set of actions that can bring that vision to life. Our Immersions are a great opportunity to reflect, generate, and iterate upon established or developing organizational outcomes.


The Story of Place

We take great care in every step of the experiential design process. From venue, to catering, the whole experience tells a story, and we’re committed to making sure that story has a purpose relevant in all things.

We can custom-design your experience to the location that makes the most sense for you and your team, having facilitated everywhere from Bali to Portugal, Tulum, Mexico and Banff, Canada.

Our care is in establishing quality relationships regardless of the location.


Expert Collaborations

In addition to facilitating corporate retreats and off sites, we host a variety of teaching Immersions that anyone can register for. These teachings are in-line with our passions and we care deeply about bringing these Immersions to a receptive audience. We invite you to explore what we have to offer.


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We’d love to connect and discuss a possible collaboration. Click below to get in touch!

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 Yoga, Culture, and Nature Immersions