Writing for the Soul


This Retreat is For You If:

You’re interested in journaling or writing a blog, a memoir, or a self-help book

You want to get in touch with your true writing voice and move beyond writing blocks

You’re curious what inspires Lissa’s writing and interested in learning tools to write from the heart in your own unique way

You sense that you need the boost of a community of open-hearted writers in order to take the next leap forward with your writing

There are areas of healing needed in your life and you sense that writing will help you heal

You’re committed to letting your soul take the lead in your life so that all decisions, including decisions about your writing, arise from the heart, soul, and intuition rather than pure intellect and ratio

You’re drawn to the sacred culture of Bali


Our Intention for This Retreat Is To:

Open our hearts and share our gifts with you as instruments of Divine service in a world that needs to hear your story

Introduce you to other aspiring writers who can inspire you, hold you accountable, and offer you loving feedback—even after the workshop is over

Create the sacred container for your great work to flow through you with ease so that you know you are safe being as vulnerable with your writing as your soul is ready to be

Use our energetic superpowers to invite in the writing muses

Share tips for writing from the heart and writing for the soul

Give you the opportunity to write, share what you write, and get feedback and guidance

Help you establish writing rituals, discipline, and regular practice for your writing

Give you an opportunity to pick Lissa’s brain about book publishing, blog writing, how to get an agent, self-publishing vs. conventional publishing, creative practices, and any other burning questions

Practice together tapping into the energetic field that can help you become a vessel for the Divine in your writing. (As Joyce Carol Oates says, “I never understand when people make a fuss over me as a writer. I'm just the garden hose that the water sprays through.”) Let’s learn and practice how to be clear garden hoses!

Offer experiences that foster your creativity and ignite your true writing voice

Help you heal yourself so you can heal the world

Fill you with inspiration, encouragement, love, and courage

Have a boatload of fun in one of the most beautiful, soulful, spiritual destinations on the planet

At the End of This Writing for the Soul Retreat, You Will:

Be more in touch with what it feels like to write from your most truthful, vulnerable voice and have a deeper connection with the part of you Lissa calls your “Inner Pilot Light,” which is the best muse of all

Feel what it feels like to be a channel for Divine Truth using you as an instrument in your writing, in sacred service to those who experience your writing and feel it opening their hearts

Feel like you belong in a community of writers who are holding a high vibration of love and safety so you can dive all the way into the most courageous writing you’ve ever written

Feel inspired to write more often, go deeper in the level of vulnerability in your writing, gain confidence in your ability to express yourself with the written word, push the edges of your writing comfort zone, and embrace the courage it takes to put your writing out in the world

Have the chance to unplug, tap into your body and commune with Bali’s wondrous gifts

Take home actual content you’ve written during the workshop (you will surprise yourself with how soulful your writing will be when you’re tuned into the energy of a group of writers gathering together with the intention of healing, writing, and supporting each other)

Have more clarity around how you intend to relate with your writing, whether it’s a purely personal experience or whether you’re interested in getting your writing into the world publicly

What This Retreat Is Not:

Some writing workshops are all about judging and critiquing your writing and offering specific instruction about how your writing can be better. This is not one of those workshops. We believe that the writing muses need to be coaxed out with love, gentleness, and acceptance, rather than whipped into shape with criticism or judgment. You will be getting feedback about your writing, but we will be highlighting what we love about your work, rather than criticizing what we don’t love. 

This workshop is also not focused on getting published. We will be discussing things like getting an agent, writing a book proposal, self-publishing versus conventional publishing, and how to go about the process of deciding how you might want to bring your message into the world. But that is not the primary focus of this workshop. Instead, we will be focusing on how your writing can be a tool for spiritual practice, as well as how to write from the heart in a way that reveals the deepest and most beautiful recesses of your soul. We will let the spiritual energy of Bali inform your writing, and you can expect to go home having written something meaningful and filled with truth and essence, in whatever way Spirit chooses to use you as a vessel for the written word.

While we will focus on writing as a vehicle for awakening, this workshop is, first and foremost, a spiritual journey. With Bali energetically informing all that happens—and with our shared group intention to open our hearts—we intend to help you find the voice of your true essence, both in your writing and in all aspects of your life.



Writing for the Soul: A Unique Teaching in Bali with Lissa Rankin
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