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Writing from the Soul with Jane Brunette

The Writing from the Soul Immersion will provide a nourishing space to support each other as we open the channels to deeper sources of inspiration and authenticity in our writing and our lives.

Sometimes we will gather around a table in a rustic bamboo lodge — other times, at a jungle bale, or in a candle-lit mountain cave — to do timed writingsfrom evocative prompts and read our work aloud. In an atmosphere of warmth and non-judgement, free of critical evaluation, we will invite each other to be daring and self-revealing, loosening the grip of our critical minds so that expression can flow freely.

Meditation, mindful yoga and reflective time in nature in this beautiful Bali mountain eco-resort will help us drop into our bodies and our senses, where intuition resides.

The Writing from the Soul process is potent for all levels. Whether you’re a seasoned writer working on a book or just want to use writing as a personal process of self-discovery, this immersion into writing as deep play will open up a whole new landscape of possibilities for your writing and your life.

Where: Bali Eco Village (note: this Immersion does not take place at Pelangi Estate)

When: Thursday, January 29th- February 1st (Thursday-Sunday)

Price: 3.000.000 IDR (includes 3 nights accommodation and all meals)

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About Jane: Jane teaches and writes about meditation, spirituality and creating a soulful life in challenging times. She created Writing from the Soul, an approach to writing that has sprouted groups around the world ( Trained as a psychotherapist and authorized as a dharma teacher, she travels widely, living simply in cultures where this is still possible so that she can explore the intersection between spirituality, human culture and the natural world. Author of the book Grasshopper Guru, her essays can be found on The Huffington Post and on her blog at