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The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible

Pure Immersions is excited to announce...

The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible with Charles Eisentstein

January 17-21, 2015


In the face of grave ecological and social crises, why is a spirit of optimism poking through the despair? And what's love got to do with it? Yoga? Music? Or are these just distractions from the struggle at hand? Join Charles for a heady exploration of hope, naivete, and the expansion of the realm of the possible.

The intention of this powerful 5-day Immersion is to create an immersive experience of the "new story," to reveal and clear habits of the old story, and to become an agent of a more beautiful world.

Charles uses a lot of partner and small group processes, meditation and attention exercises, and really just a lot of standing in the "field" and speaking from it, which many people experience as channeled information.

The itinerary is dynamic, with Balinese ritual, a waterfall trek (and other nature-based activity), and a few surprises lending support to group-led activity by Charles (2/day) and the intention of the experience as a whole.

You will be taken care of, with awe-inspiring accommodation, delicious food that ticks all the right boxes (local, organic, healthy, etc...), and an all-inclusive package from arrival to departure.  Time between activities can be best spent in quiet reflection, utilizing the sauna or salt-water pools, or perhaps taking a gentle stroll down to the creek or through the rice terraces.

This Immersion will offer you something special; a life-enriching journey infused with the depth of the Balinese culture; set in a majestic river valley oasis…

This is a can't-miss program, and we hope to see you here!

Immersion Includes:

  • 2 group sessions per day (on average) led by Charles
  • Daily yoga
  • Agni Hotra Fire Ceremony and other Balinese rituals
  • 4 nights accommodation (residential option only) at the lush and soulful Pelangi Estate
  • 3 meals/day, daily snacks (including Superfood smoothies, raw chocolates, health elixirs)
  • All transport (airport transfers excluded)
  • Closing banquet dinner at the spectacular Five Elements Puri Ahimsa resort
  • All activities (waterfall excursion, Balinese temple visit, sound healing journey, etc…)



Main House - Master Bedroom (2)-1.jpg

Pelangi Estate is the fabulous result of an ongoing love affair with Bali and Indonesia. Built by a traveler photographer, the Estate - set on an acre of landscaped, terraced rice fields and garden – encompasses the main house with four bedrooms, a stunning authentic Javanese joglo with three bedrooms and a single bedroom cottage called Bhutan.

Pelangi or rainbow in Indonesian is so called as the walls are daubed with gentle colours of blushed mango, aquamarine, bruised cornflower blue topped off with rich wood tones in the floors and ceilings and bamboo rafters. Four-poster canopied beds add romance to the elegance of the three living spaces.

Two salt-water swimming pools, a river are two of the unique features of this property as are the rice field views that extend far beyond the boundaries. Best put by one guest, “The gardens are spectacular-- a haven for butterflies, birds, and fireflies at night. Having a meal on any of the outside lanais, with the sound of the waterfalls and the fresh breeze is pure heaven.

Riverside massages in the shade of the coconut palms or sunbathing by the pool in the private back yard will become favorite pastimes.” Privacy and peace, ideal for retreats, Pelangi Estate offers rice field wanderings and bird watching directly on the property and, within a short distance, the bustle of Ubud with its first-class restaurants, galleries, museums, temples and Balinese dances.

It is the perfect place to experience an Immersion of this order!


We believe in the Hypocrates epithet, “let thy food be thy medicine”, and take great care in providing a first-rate menu that accompanies the deep experience of the retreat. 

pancakes (web).jpg

Mostly vegetarian (fish and chicken are optional), local, organic, and prepared with love by our Balinese Ibu (word for “mother”)—each meal is truly an expression of abundance.

Breakfast is often a spread of fruit, whole grain breads (and spreads), eggs, fresh fruit and vegetable juice, and smoothies.

Lunch and dinner are thematic to the flavors of the region—be it Balinese, Indonesian, Thai, or Japanese—you will not leave disappointed, and will probably have sampled new dishes to add to your culinary repertoire. 

Pricing and Registration

Working in the Gift

This Immersion is unique in many regards, one of which is simply the inclusion of Charles, who brings a particular story-- a particular way of participating in the world-- that is authentic to his perspective.

Charles works in the gift.

For those unaccustomed to this method of exchange, it means he does not collect a fee from us-- Pure Immersions.  Everything he receives is through an expression of gratitude, determined by each participant.  Therefore if you wish to give Charles a monetary gift it will be above and beyond the fees stated below.

The cost of this Immersion reflects our fixed costs-- everything except Charles.  You are free to do as you choose, but we can assure you, you won't be disappointed by this experience and you should plan (and budget) accordingly.

(If you have questions or need further clarification, please don't hesitate to send us an email at:


We offer 3 options for registration: Residential (shared room), residential (private room), or non-residential.

All options are all-inclusive with the following exceptions:

 ***Non-Residential does not include accommodation, or daily transport to and from the host location.

Residential and non-residential options DO NOT include airport transfer or visa fees.  We will provide all the information you’ll need to take care of these costs/responsibilities.  

***The first step in registering is to send an email to Pure Immersions:


::  Early Bird :: (residential only)

*Early bird registration must be paid IN FULL by October 15, 2014

Private: $1600

Shared: $1175

:: Regular Registration :: (After October 15)

Non-Residential: $775

Private: $1750

Shared: $1300

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All inquiries email: