SATYA AUNE: A Deep Immersion Of The Chakras

go deep into the self to explore the deeper essence of who you are

Feb 8 - Feb 14, 2016

For the first time, Satya Aune is offering a week-long course in Bali.

This is yoga, movement, meditation, chanting, deep personal inquiry with 1 on 1 teaching with Satya. The retreat includes trips to waterfalls, temples, delicious prana-rich cuisine, and lush accommodation on the spectacular cliffs of paradise.

Exquisite beaches and deep ceremony.  Movement and silence.  Friends, laughter, and yummy food. Deep living and deep loving.

It is adventure and self exploration

This is a journey of remembrance: not just of who we are, but of WHO WE CAN BE.




Satya Gita is a long-time, devoted practitioner and teacher of yoga.  In her more than 20 years of practice, she has studied many forms of yoga, including Jivamukti, Integral, Ashtanga, Standing Wave, Forrest, and Anusara. Born in Oslo and raised in Trondheim Norway, she studied dance at The London Contemporary Dance School and on Africa’s Ivory Coast before moving to New York to study and teach at Jivamukti. She was also certified at the Integral Yoga Institute and studied Standing Wave.

Satya then created and implemented a yoga program for Harbin Hot Springs, an internationally known retreat center in California. During this time, she founded her own teaching style called Anahatha Yoga, which utilizes physical postures and alignment to open energetic dimensions and pathways in the body.  Preparing the body in this way opens the student’s awareness to more subtle dimensions of Being in an embodied way. She has been teaching and developing this form for 18 years, as well as training and certifying others in the approach. She continues to offer workshops using Anahatha yoga to help students deepen in themselves.

In addition to her immersion in yoga, Satya has studied and performed as a professional dancer and is a licensed bodyworker skilled in many modalities. She has trained in Amanae (a body-based emotional release method) and other personal transformation work, including more than 10 years of training in the Diamond Approach.


Immersion inclusions

  • 6 nights accommodation at the splendid Svarga Loka Resort in Ubud
  • Includes daily breakfast, lunch and dinner around the community table. (1 dinner will be on your own to be enjoyed at some of the fabulous nearby restaurants)
  • Organic & prana-rich meals designed and prepared by our Pure Abundance chef
  • One banquet dinner at the spectacular Five Elements Puri Ahimsa
  • Dawn and evening yoga and meditation with Satya (usually 2 classes/day)
  • Awe-inspiring nature
  • Visits to some of Bali's best beaches
  • Group discussions and processes with Satya
  • Starry night group sound healing
  • Pilgrimage to sacred Balinese temples
  • Day trip to exquisite Bali beaches (option to go surfing)
  • River valley waterfall trek
  • 1 Balinese Healing Massage
  • Closing cleansing ceremony with Balinese healers



Welcome to the 'Good Kingdom'

We always take the utmost care in finding a venue that supports the experience we want to create.  Because each Immersion has its own characteristics (and own needs to fulfill), every place we choose has its own unique qualities.


When Sasha and I walked around the grounds of Svarga Loka, we knew -- this was it.  We already knew the venue is a short walk from the heart of Ubud, well-positioned for easy departures to the beaches and mountains, and nestled upon the sacred Tjampuhan river valley. What we didn't know was that it had modestly elegant, modern, clean rooms, spacious grounds filled with quiet nooks for intimate conversation or quiet meditation, awe-inspiring vistas of the surrounding valley and rice fields, indoor and outdoor options for practicing yoga, and a great overall feel.

Svarga Loka sits on the riverbanks of the beautiful Tjampuhan river in Ubud, Bali and offers a wide range of luxury accommodation as well as facilities for wellness, relaxation, dining, yoga and meditation.

The origin of our name takes inspiration from the Hindu epic poem, the Mahabharata, which describes Svarga Loka, as 'Good Kingdom' - a heavenly paradise for the Hindu Gods. The owners of the resort humbly tried to recreate that 'sense' at the resort.


let thy food be thy medicine

We believe in the Hypocrates epithet, “let thy food be thy medicine”, and take great care in providing a first-rate menu that accompanies the deep experience of the retreat. 

Mostly vegetarian (fish and chicken are optional), local, organic, and prepared with love by our Balinese Ibu (word for “mother”)—each meal is truly an expression of abundance.

Breakfast is often a spread of fruit, whole grain breads (and spreads), eggs, fresh fruit and vegetable juice, and smoothies.

Lunch and dinner are thematic to the flavors of the region—be it Balinese, Indonesian, Thai, or Japanese—you will not leave disappointed, and will probably have sampled new dishes to add to your culinary repertoire. 


Private Room - $2,495 per person

Shared Room - $1,995 per person

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We are offering a special discount if you book between December 21- January 1st.  If you book and pay in full before December 15th, you'll get 10% off. 

Shared Room (Single Booking) - $1,595 per person

Shared Room (2 people booking) - $2,595 total (for 2 people)

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