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We work with people during a retreat in Bali because we believe it is the person with whom meaningful social change exists.  We aim to support people to share their gifts, to connect to life purpose.  What else is there? 

Yoga + Nature Adventure + "Expert" Workshops + Ceremony and Ritual

A Pure Immersions Retreat in Bali

What's in a Pure Immersion?  See a film of what an experience like us will look like, read about our Mission, check out photos, and more!

We bring people to Bali to IGNITE...

Conscious Action   |   Self Awareness    |   Alignment with Purpose

Pure Immersions is our passion...

We create these experiences to give people an opportunity to step more fully into life, to honor the ever-changing landscape of a personal journey, and to delve more deeply into personal purpose and life in service.

We involve awe-inspiring NATURE, Yoga, Balinese Ritual, a breathtaking location, and...

Collaborate with people we feel are making fundamental differences in the world through their work.