The More Beautiful World...scholarship!

Last year, for our Immersion with Charles, we found ourselves in a tricky situation.  So many people wanted to attend, yet didn’t necessarily have the means to do so.  To someone called to participate in this experience, the last thing we want to say is—“no”, yet despite attempts to “work with” anyone interested, unfortunately we couldn’t make this happen for everyone. 

We put “The More Beautiful World…” together because we believe in the reality of an evolving story of humanity (and life), especially the return to a more sacred, more beautiful, and more collaborative existence.  

And yet…here we are—still relating in a social world that has been designed (in large part) to represent the opposite of these values of sacredness, beauty, and collaboration. 

Our stories are deep and complex, and the story of money… is perhaps the deepest, and is also best left to Charles to address.  But we will say—we know money is an issue for people.  We know it doesn’t reflect the abundant nature of life.  We know it might prevent you from stepping more fully into your gifts.  We know it might prevent you from attending this incredible experience.

Needless to say, there are those for whom this offering means a great deal, who would wish nothing more than to attend and just can’t quite make it happen.

So, this year we’re attempting to reach more people through the creation of a scholarship!  The scholarship will enable 1 person to attend “The More Beautiful World…” without a participation fee (non-residential). 

Though the scholarship is a response to financial means we don’t wish to make its application about finances—so please don’t worry about telling us the details of the situation that is causing you to apply for the scholarship.

Instead-- we want to hear about WHY a more beautiful world is compelling you in your thoughts, dreams, and actions. What is calling you to participate in a more beautiful world?  How does this opportunity fit-in with your personal vision and reflect how you wish to share your gifts more completely?

Submission Guidelines:  Write an essay—no more than 1,000 words—answering the following question:  What is compelling you to create A More Beautiful World…and how does this experience coincide with that vision?

Please submit your essay to

Submission Deadline: December 21st