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Bali Biomimicry Expedition

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A nature based retreat through the lens of biomimicry in a truly magnificent wilderness around West Bali National Park.


Expedition overview

Explore the genius of nature amongst the natural wonders of Bali and it's diversity of volcanoes, forests, mangroves and coral reefs. Be guided through the expedition by Biomimicry Professional, Claire Janisch, specialist nature guide, Rob Janisch, and the profound knowledge of local guides and local expert biologists, hosted by local retreat specialists, Pure Immersions

From Summit To Sea

In a remote corner of tropical Bali exists a diverse world of beauty – a "summit to sea" landscape of rainforest, monsoon forest, mangroves, beaches, seagrasses, and coral reefs.  This biomimcry expedition is a journey into the depths of these places; a chance to see and understand the life here through new eyes and to integrate more fully into the beingness of this planet, so that we may understand ourselves (and the world around) anew.  From the giant banyan, through the cacophony of birdsong, into the electric vibrance of the reefs – this is an adventure to excite the curious child within – a playful expedition into the wilds.




West Bali National Park

Unspoilt beauty lies at the west end of the fabled island of Bali: lush green forests, picturesque mountain range, crystal clear blue water, and vast stretches of pristine beaches, those are what await at the West Bali National Park. This park, also known as Bali Barat National Park covers 19,003 hectares of the western tip of Bali, with a further 580 square kilometres of protected reserve in the highlands to the east. In total this accounts for some ten percent of Bali's total land area. The natural vegetation in the park includes tropical rainforest, coastal savannah and extensive mangroves. There are more than 200 species of plants in the park. Local fauna includes black monkeys, leaf monkeys and macaques; rusa, barking, sambar, Java and mouse deer (muncak); and some wild pigs, squirrels, buffalo, iguanas, pythons and green snakes. The bird life is prolific, with many of Bali’s 300 species found here, and is the last refuge of the extremely rare Bali starling. The park has excellent snorkeling and diving at Menjangan Island. In fact, Menjangan is arguably Bali’s best snorkeling and diving location: you can float over coral gardens of brilliant blues, greens and pinks and spot a vast array of marine life by boat - you may see dolphins along the way, with Java’s volcanoes in the distance providing an impressive backdrop.

What to Expect

  • Explore the genius of nature from summit to sea through guided experiences and deep observation activities: including forest walks, mangrove explorations & snorkeling coral reefs 
  • Guided by specialist biomimics, naturalists and local experts who will share their extraordinary knowledge from the practical to the profound
  • Learn from (rather than just about) local organisms and ecosystems
  • Learn and/or expand on the basics of biomimicry (systems) thinking and practice
  • Discover the implications of the deep patterns in nature from the micro to the macro
  • Work together to apply your creative imagination to relevant design challenges, translating your discoveries to the re-imagining of our world
  • Spark the kind of passion that propels you towards an inspired and creative life
  • Soak up the magic of Bali in the natural wonders of Bali’s largest national park
  • Be nourished by Bali’s delicious food, daily yoga and the wonderful Balinese hospitality at Mimpi

Where will you stay

Mimpi Menjangan Resort: Perched above a sacred hot spring, adjacent to West Bali National Park and the famous diving site of Menjangan island, arguably Bali’s best snorkeling and diving location. The resort is uniquely set to shore on a secluded bay of Banyuwedang with high-ceiling marble rooms, thatched-roof villas, pools, a thermal spring, a floating restaurant, spa, yoga classes and dive center linked through limestone pathways winding beneath tropical trees with a stunning natural backdrop. The region belongs to Northwest Bali locally called Buleleng which covers most of Bali’s north coast with its capital city Singaraja. The ride from Bali’s international airport will approximately take 3.5 hours through one of Bali’s most photographed landscape in the highland of Bedugul. 

For more information on Mimpi Menjangan Resort see here.

Who should join the expedition?

  • Anyone interested in exploring a magnificent wilderness and the genius of nature (guided by experienced biomimics, naturalists and local experts) on the magical island of Bali.
  • Tourists of all ages wanting an understanding and deeper appreciation of nature’s web of life.
  • Individuals, designers, engineers, biologists, ecologists, architects, entrepreneurs, economists, organisations or businesses wanting to explore the genius of nature in depth to inspire innovation, creativity, a deep reconnection to the genius of nature or a deep appreciation of resilient, sustainable systems that nurture life.
  • Existing biomimicry practitioners, specialists, professionals, researchers educators or students who want to expand their practice

your expedition guides and host

  • Biomimicry Professional: Claire Janisch (see more here)
  • Specialist Biomimicry guide: Rob Janisch (see more here)
  • Specialist local retreat host, Brad Korpalski, of Pure Immersions

Included in the expedition

  • Collection from Ubud (at a central location to be confirmed)
  • Return transfer to Mimpi Menjangan resort
  • Accommodation, all meals and some beverages at Mimpi resort
  • Nature walks and snorkeling with local guides and specialist biomimicry guides
  • Practical biomimicry training and activities exploring the genius of place
  • Groupwork mentoring on relevant design challenges
  • *Does not include: flights to Bali, travel & medical insurance, items of a personal nature, additional beverages. 


Expedition And Registration details

  • Dates: 6 – 13 March, 2016
  • Location: Mimpi Menjangan Resort, West Bali National Park, Bali
  • Cost: $2,195 (early bird by 31 Oct 2015); $2,550 (regular registration, shared room); $3,295 (regular registration, private room)
  • Questions about the expedition, nature’s genius and/or biomimicry:
    email connect@imaginature.co or fill out our online form here.
  • To Book: Follow the Book Me In link below or send an email to: brad@pureimmersions.com
from 500.00

Early Bird Pricing

Private Room - $2,350 per person

Shared Room - $1,995 per person

A non-refundable 25% deposit is required to secure your reservation. If you don't wish to pay via our website, you can use PayPal or do a wire transfer. Please contact us via the inquiry form to receive these payment details.



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