Reflect, reconnect and RECHARGE

Mind | Body | Soul



It only takes a moment for something to shift inside of you.

When people come together to reflect, refresh, repair...

something powerful happens.

We invite you to take a moment to see what a Pure Immersion is all about. Watch Now!

Immerse yourself (Mind, Body + Soul)

in a life-shifting week in Bali

Thought-Provoking Collaborations

Want to live more deeply?  Interested in aligning your work with your passions?  Our thought-provoking collaborations with some of the worlds prized authors, activists and healers offer tools for transcending personal challenges, stoking the fires of life. Join us in Bali for one of our life-shifting collaboration retreats.


This uniquely designed retreat is for anyone how feels burnt out from a fast-paced, technology-filled, over-worked existence.  Retreat to the mountains of beautiful Bali to rest, recharge and reconnect with yourself again. Learn skills to help manage life and work stress, so that you can bring your life back into balance.



We took a step away from our demanding corporate work life in search for meaning.

We followed our hearts, which showed us our true nature

From this journey of self discovery

Pure Immersions was born...

This is our story and our passion. Meet us.



We aim to spark the remembrance that life is more than a paycheck - more than a schedule - and more than a struggle.

As we begin to repair and nurture the physical body we seek to awaken the individual’s mind and soul so that they can begin to see the path to a much healthier and prosperous future... free of suffering.

It is our vision that the repair and awaken of the individual, will have a ripple affect, inspiring those around them to create the same positive change in their lives. Thus slowly changing the world one individual at a time.

This is our mission.


What Some Of Our Valued Retreaters Have to Say About Us

Sasha and Brad. Wow! What a beautiful couple. So complimentary to each other. True yin and yang thing they got going on there! Sasha so soft and thoughtful and connected to the spirit. Brad so excited for life, adventurous and connected to the earth. Both super fun, funny and present. Just in it. Really, people you want in your life!
— Charlie (UK)

This retreat was an exchange of hearts and minds with lovely people from all over the globe. I think I may have referred to it as a spiritual secret Santa. It’s more than that in so many ways and needs to be experienced. Brad and Sasha, Pure Immersions had to be formed. I’m glad you’ve followed your hearts and went for it. I’m only sad I’m not there for the next one.
— Vanessa (USA)

Brad and Sasha know how to put together an experience you’ll look back on for the rest of your life!
— Gary (USA)

The quality of holding was quite unique – something of your Brad and Sasha ness! I really appreciated your participation and contributions in all aspects of the experience- the training and the social activities, your humour and your humanness, attention to detail, availability for all the little requests and issues and little touches like the welcome packs and notes. All enabled a truly wholehearted immersion to embrace the sacred without and within.
— Sharon (UK)

There are certain events in life when you know that you have changed and will never really go back to whom you were, because something has clicked. The people that decide to be a part of Pure Immersions are ready for more. More love, more options, more for our planet and our people.
— Steve (USA)